Rovi is a global leader in digital entertainment.

We create innovative technologies that connect people and the entertainment they love. Together with our customers, Rovi reaches millions of consumers through applications, devices and websites. Rovi helps service providers, device manufacturers, content producers, service providers and retailers provide better entertainment experiences at home and on the go. Rovi offers unparalleled entertainment data, industry-leading media guides, powerful search and recommendations solutions, cross-platform advertising and analytics technologies, and more.

Rovi Powers Digital Media:
  • 170M+ subscriber households license Rovi guide technology.
  • 413M+ consumer electronics devices have our guide technologies embedded.
  • Rovi Data inspires entertainment discovery with information on:
  • 5.25M TV programs and movies
  • 3.2M album releases and 30M tracks
  • 600K movie titles
  • Rovi Advertising reaches millions of households globally.
Rovi Fast Facts
  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
  • Major locations: Burbank; San Diego; Tulsa; Radnor; Ann Arbor; New York; London; Maidenhead; Luxembourg; Tokyo; Hong Kong; Seoul
  • Employees worldwide: 1,700+
  • Global issued and pending patents: 5,400