See Rovi at TV of Tomorrow 2016

Rovi will be at the TV of Tomorrow (TVOT) West Coast Conference, June 7-8.

Posted on May 31, 2016

At Rovi, we believe entertainment discovery should be simple, seamless and personal. We help consumers find content quickly by allowing them to browse, search and even speak to devices, generating recommendations that are highly relevant and trending. Customizable and designed with your specific needs in mind, our solutions allow service providers to build next-generation media experiences with end-to-end TV listings, Web services and modular applications.

Event Details

What: TV of Tomorrow

When: June 7-8, 2016

Where: The Golden Gate Club, San Francisco, CA

Rovi Speaker

Paul Stathacopoulos, Vice President of Strategy and Execution

When: May 25, 2016

Where: Ventana Room, 2:40-3:35 p.m.

Panel: TV Used to Be Easy. What Did You Guys Do to It?

The television industry has been trying for years to develop a comprehensive program guide with search, discovery, recommendation, social and more. And at the same time we are accelerating the creation and distribution of content. And it looks like the guides will never catch up. 

Maybe that's OK. After all, we got into this business because we wanted people to watch OUR stuff; whether monetized by subscription fees or advertising. To be brutally honest, we'd rather they didn't watch somebody else's stuff. 

At the same time, we know the consumers are frustrated by their inability to find what they want. They don't need to see EVERYTHING; they just need to see THEIR thing. But they may not know what their thing is, because they haven't seen it yet. 

It's a balance of our needs and their needs. If we could actually show the consumers everything, they probably wouldn't watch enough of our programming to make it work for us. But if we don't show them everything, they may not find our stuff at all! 

Panelists will have a few pointed opinions on the topic. They also include:

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