Rovi Cloud Services

Rovi Cloud Services is a comprehensive suite of services that enable the rapid creation and delivery of enhanced entertainment content across multiple platforms and devices. These Web-based solutions include Rovi Data Services, Rovi Recommendations Services, Rovi Remote Access Services, Rovi Search Services and Rovi Advertising Service.


With Rovi Cloud Services, developers, CE manufacturers and service providers can add extensive features to their products and services with little or no investment in new infrastructure or software.

Hosted in data centers in multiple locations worldwide, Rovi Cloud Services enables the creation and deployment of compelling entertainment experiences for millions of devices and applications that can help drive sales and consumption.



  • Add extensive entertainment information, imagery, rich media and other data-powered features.
  • Deliver entertainment content and applications across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Offer current, intelligent and personalized media recommendations.
  • Enable intuitive, relevant and personalized media search results.
  • Deploy new features quickly without updating hardware.
  • Control legacy set-top box devices including channel tuning and DVR management.
  • Incorporate advanced, interactive advertising into entertainment offerings.

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